The Bartram Trail - Scaly Mt. - Hickory Knut Gap

July 5, 2011

This week's hike was on the Bartram Trail in NC. We hiked to the summit of Scaly Mountain and we also did the side trail to Hickory Knut Gap.

HIKERS - Bill Hunt, Dick Metzgar, Donna Presley, Tony Presley, Vic Robson, Pom Sinnock, David Whitaker, Geri Whitaker and Carole Wintle.

TRAIL INFO. - Always a beautiful hike with great mountain views from the massive rock faces of Scaly Mountain. Native Azaleas and Rhododendrons are spectacular this time of year. The side trail to Hickory Knut Gap is also a nice walk to add to the hike. From Osage Mt. Vista to the summit is a climb of 1,000+ feet.

Total hiking distance today - Approximately 6 miles with lots of elevation gain. We rate it the difficulty moderate.

Directions: Osage Mt. Vista is 5.7 miles west of Highlands on NC Hwy. 106. Or from Dillard, GA turn right on GA 246 which becomes NC 106 and drive approx. 9 miles to Osage Overlook on the right.

Another great day for a hike! Partly Cloudy and humid with temperatures ranging from 68 to 79 degrees F.

FLOWERS IN BLOOM: Crown Vetch, Daisy, Mountain Laurel, Fly Poison, Tall Bluet, Polygala, Milkweed, Bush Honeysuckle, Thin Leaved Sunflower, White Yarrow, Downy Phlox, Evening Primrose, Angelica, Mountain Hydrangea, Queen Anne's Lace, Daisy Fleabane, Hawkweed, Fire Pink, Flowering Spurge, Mountain Mint, Rosebay Rhododendron, Wild Indigo, White Bergamot, Indian Pipes, Spiderwort, Pipsissewa, Indian Cucumber Root, Whorled Loosestrife, Sweet Azalea, Heal All, Summersweet, Pokeweed.

Birds Identified: Veery, Pine Warbler, Towhee, Blue Jay, Black Throated Blue Warbler, Junco, Broadwing Hawk, Vulture, Purple Martin, Mourning Dove, Carolina Chickadee.

Other Fauna: Gray Squirrel

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Our hike started here today.
Another great day for a hike on the Bartram Trail!
The Native Azaleas were is the Sweet Azalea.
We did the side trail to Hickory Knut Rd. before going to the summit of Scaly.
Here we are at Hickory Knut Rd.
The new trail sign at Hickory Knut Rd.
Back on the Bartram Trail we are getting closer to the summit.
Arriving at the summit of Scaly Mt.
Our lunchtime destination.
"Old Folks" resting after lunch. Also looking at the clouds and
saying things like "That one looks like a horse !"
The Rosebay Rhododendrons were magnificent!
Even on a hazy day, the mountains are beautiful!
Here, we arrive back at our starting point.
The OFHC gang for today's hike. (l-r) Tony Presley, Carole Wintle, Donna Presley, Geri Whitaker, Pom Sinnock, David Whitaker, Dick Metzgar, Vic Robson and Bill Hunt.


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Bartram Trail Scaly Mt. 7-5-11

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